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The Logic of Microspace
The Logic of Microspace is three books in one.  The technologies underlying small space were the subject of Rick’s widely acclaimed first book, Micro Space Craft, which sold out its first printing by word of mouth.  This highly understandable, entertaining book, called the only comedic page-turner ever written about aerospace engineering, has been thoroughly updated and is the first book within The Logic of Microspace.
The second book within this trilogy-inside-one-cover brings the same understandable, humorous, fast-reading and informative style of the technical sections to a complementary book on minimum size and cost mission management and the philosophical and often surprising psychological underpinnings of minimum-cost space missions.
The third part of the Logic of Microspace is a dramatic novella, possibly the first in any aerospace text, describing several alluring opportunities for benefiting humanity and the space industry via low-cost satellites and space missions.