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One Bullet Beyond Justice by Dennis R. Miller
Nora Hawks emerged victorious in a battle with vicious outlaws in One Woman's Vengeance. In this sequel, Nora struggles with her inner demons as she prepares for a fight to the death with an old, powerful enemy and an army that knows no fear. "Fire in the sky" lights the final, epic battle in which only one person will emerge victorious and remain One Bullet Beyond Justice.
One Woman's Vengeance

Butch Wheeler's gang shattered Nora Hawk's dream of a New Mexico horse ranch.  The men savagely beat and murdered her husband, raped Nora and left her dying.  But she survived, and with the help of retired bounty hunter Peter Clawson, Nora learned the art of killing.  Nora forces her way into man's world of violence, finding the physical and spiritual strength to see that   the killers feel the fury of One Woman's Vengeance.