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About Open Book Audio (4)

Open Book Audio was created in 2009 by Matt Armstrong and Andrew Parker—two friends who met in the summer of 1997 during their college years and found that they had a lot in common.  Both Matt and Andrew had a deep love of performing (particularly music and theater) and spent the next several years gathering a handful of degrees between them, including degrees in Music, Theater, Audio Engineering, Dance, and Entertainment Marketing.  After college, they went their separate ways, and each independently decided to change course and get MBAs.

Matt Armstrong lives in Redmond, Washington, on the shores of Lake Sammamish with his Golden Retriever, Luke the Dog. Matt studied Musical Theater in college, and worked for several years as a singer, dancer, actor, teacher, and director before returning to school to receive an MBA in Project Management. Matt has played the piano since the age of four, and is responsible for any of the custom music you find on the Open Book Audio podcast, or any of our titles. He is a major technology fanatic, and has developed an unhealthy obsession with Fountain Pens, Inks, and specialty papers. Aside from his time in the recording booth as a talented audiobook narrator, Matt is also responsible for the operational side of Open Book Audio. He is our chief mastering engineer, codes our websites, handles contracts, processing titles, and handling all of our accounting and royalty payments. Matt has worked with/for companies like Microsoft, Disney, Paramount, CBS, Novell, and others.

Andrew Parker currently resides in Herriman, Utah with his wife and three children. Andrew studied Media Music and Recording Studio technology in college, before moving on to receive his MBA in marketing. Andrew also plays the piano and the violin, and spend five years singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City. When Andrew isn't busy working and being a dad, he loves to read and play video games, and is a big football fan (which completely flummoxes Matt). Andrew is Open Book Audio's business and marketing guy. He focuses on landing new contract and titles, and working out the best ways to entire you to buy them. Andrew has previous experience with Target, Dell, Apple, The Wyndham Group, Eddie Bauer, and Ann Taylor.

We love to talk about audiobooks and Open Book Audio.  If you’re interested in contacting us for media inquiries, please use the Open Book Audio contact form.

Open Book Audio is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation, and does not currently have any outside investors.  While we have not (and have no plans) to actively pursue outside funding, we are always open to meeting with potential investors who are as passionate about good storytelling and good business as we are.  If you are interested in investing in Open Book Audio, please contact us via the contact form.

Yes, we did.

When Open Book Audio began operations in 2009, we did so with the original intention of providing audiobook production and distribution services to independent authors and small publishing houses that did not have the number of titles, the technical expertise, or the desire to manage the production and distribution themselves.  While this business model was highly successful (in that it was a service that was desperately needed in the market at the time,) it was a very low-margin business for us, and required more work that our small company was able to dedicate.  We wrote a blog post about it here:

Starting in June 2013, we made a pivot on our business model, and stopped accepting submissions of outside titles for production and distribution, choose to focus instead on our own internally-produced titles and on our relationships with our existing publishing clients.  We may, at some point, choose to re-open our distribution services to the public, but have no immediately plans to do so.

Audiobook Distribution (5)

In June of 2013, Open Book Audio announced that we would no longer be accepting submissions of outside titles for distribution through our network of retailers. You can read the reasons behind the change at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and wish all those interested in distributing their titles best wishes in doing so.

Open Book Audio distributes to most all of the major audiobook retailers worldwide.  You can currently find our titles in the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • Ambling Books
  • Audible
  • Audiobooks Online
  • Audiobook Stand DL
  • Audio Book Store
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Books-A-Million
  • iTunes
  • Learn Out Loud
  • Overdrive
  • Read Without Paper
  • Waterstones

​In addition to these retail outlets, Open Book Audio is always expanding our retail reach by following the latest trends in the audiobook marketplace, and working with retailers to make our catalog available through as many retail outlets as possible. 

Open Book Audio does not produce or distribute CD versions of its audio titles.  When we began our operations in 2009, we were already starting to see a steady decline in the amount of physical versions of audiobooks being sold.  In 2012, the industry saw digital audiobook sales surpass physical audiobook sales for the first time.  We suspect that, in the next few years, we'll see physical sales nearly disappear.  Rather than build out a whole infrastructure for a waning medium (and deal with the associated costs), we have decided to function as a digital-only distributor.  If you need CDs of our titles, we suggest that you purchase audio files from a provider that does not use Digital Rights Management or DRM, such as  That way, you can download our titles and burn them to CD as necessary.

As a company, Open Book Audio does not believe in Digital Rights Management.  It does very little to dissuade people from pirating titles, and generally impacts only the honest consumer.  Among the collection of retailers which carry our catalog, there are some who do not DRM their content, and others that do., for instance, our largest retailer, does use Digital Rights Management.  So, whether or not your title will be sold with Digital Rights Management will depend on which retailer it was purchased from.

Open Book Audio is based in the United States, but we do have several titles in our catalog from authors and small publishers located in countries around the world, and in different languages.  (In fact, some of our best-sellers are titles that came to us from outside of the US.)  

The great majority of our titles, however, are English-based titles.

Audiobook Production (1)

At this time, Open Book Audio is not fielding requests for audiobook production for outside authors and organizations, focusing instead on our own, internally-produced titles.  

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