Hey, Where Did the Store Go?

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If you're a regular visitor to the site, you may be wondering where the Open Book Audio store went.  You may have missed our post a while back, but in case you did, Open Book Audio has decided that we're closing our online store in order to focus our efforts more on getting our titles out there through much more established retailers.

Having recently inked a distribution deal with Audible (and through extension with them, iTunes), we are very excited about the future prospects of our distribution business, and running a small one-off store was just a distraction from that.

If you have purchase Open Book Audio titles through us in the past, we will continue to support your purchases.  You can alwasy reach us with questions or concerns by reaching us using our contact page above.  Also, with the launch of our newly-redesigned website, we've made it much easier for you to find ways to buy our books through the retailers that carry Open Book Audio products.  Just visit our products page, and you'll be able to find links to Audible, iTunes, Ambling Books, and Learn Out Loud, with even more coming soon.